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Locksmithing 101 | Programming Demo On The 5000 Series TownSteel Electronic Locks!

In programming Town Steel 5000 Series Electronic Locks with Bluetooth, it doesn't matter if it is the E-elite lever or the E-smart deadbolt as long as it's the 5000 series with Bluetooth. You can program them exactly the same way in four different ways to the lock. The first is using the Schlage key that comes with it. You can also use an LFIC or SFIC. And when it comes to the standard like Schlage keyway, you can replace the cylinder with a standard K001 cylinder to put a different key way. The other three ways to open it are; using actual code that you put in to unlock the door; the RFID cards that come with the lock, and you can purchase separately, that you will just tap on the screen; the last way is going to be Bluetooth with your smartphone with the app on it.


The first thing to do is to change the master code. The code that comes with the lock is 123456#. Follow these steps to change it.

  1. Hit the star (*) sign;
  2. Next is the pound (#) sign;
  3. Wait for the beep to finish, then put the current master code and ends with pound (#) sign;
  4. The screen will display 1, 2, 3, 0, and #. Since you want to change the master code, hit 1;
  5. After the beep, put in the new 6 digits code followed by #;
  6. Put the new master code again, wait for the beat.

Once done, try unlocking it with the newly programmed master code.



Now that we have our master code set, let's add the user codes. The procedure will be as easy as hitting star (*); followed by the pound (#); put in the 6 digits master code ending in a pound (#) after the beat; then hit 2, as it is programmed for user code; enter the user code; repeat the user code. Try unlocking it using your User Code/s.

You just have to repeat the procedure for every user code. If you want to quit entering user code/s mode, hit the * key.

If you find it confusing, here’s a PDF document you could download to use make it nice and simple.


My favorite method and the simplest one. It has almost the same procedure as entering user codes except that we’re going to use sticker/card. It starts with hitting the star (*); followed by a pound (#); your master 6 digit master code ending with #; hit 2 for users; tap the card and a green light will indicate that you’re done. If you want to add more, just tap another one. To end the process, hit star. You can test it by simply tapping the card, just like the picture below.



How can you delete user codes? What we're going to do is we're going to follow this formula.

Start with hitting star (*); follow it by pound (#); your 6 digits master code ending in pound (#); hit 3; now, hit 1; enter the user code you want to delete and pound (#). The green light will indicate that it is done. Hold down the star (*) key to get out of programming mode.

If you enter the deleted code this time, the picture below will happen.


How can you delete cards? Do the same thing, except for this time, we’re going to take the cards. Hit star (*); the pound (#) as well; the 6 digits master code ending in pound; hit 3; then, hit 1; and tap the card. You are done so hold the star (*) and make sure you get out of programming mode. If you tap the card, the picture below will happen.


So that's how programming the TownSteel 5000 series Bluetooth locks works, whether with the actual punch pad, or the cards. Out of the box, they come with four different ways to open the lock-up, which is pretty cool if you ask me - that's a lot of features packed into one lock, that's high quality at a great, great price point. I'd love to know what you guys think about them in the comments below. Thank you and we'll see you next time!PJ

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