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Locksmithing 101 | EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The Y170 Transponder Key!

The interesting thing about the Y170 PT for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep aside from making the top 10 list in the USA is that this is not like a key that customers are being issued all the time from the dealer when they get the vehicle. The key they're getting given is the fobik or the fob, and this fobic is like a plastic key that you stick in into the dash to turn on the vehicle like a regular key. It's missing the keyblade at the end of it, but there is a key blade in it. At the top of the fobik, a push-down part has the keyblade when you open it up. This keyblade can be used to open the door or turn on the vehicle.

Why is this important? The Y170 transponder key does both of those things and looks like a standard key, but the same principle applies. You'll use the blade to open the door or the trunk and the fobik looking part to turn on the vehicle. And the exciting part is that you could program the transponders spot without cutting the blade. There are no wafers inside that ignition that you must have on there to start the vehicle. The blade will be for the doors to get in because there are no buttons on it. So that's the big thing when it comes to the Y170.

Many people find it confusing because of how you can have the fobik and replace it with a Y170 transponder key.

 Y170 Transponder Key


Y170 transponder key is popular because of these reasons:

  1. It's less expensive. The cost of a fobik compared to a charge of this key is less.
  2. You don't want to spend as much money in emergency key situations or a spare backup k
  3. It can be hard at times. Depending on how busy you are with transponder keys or programming keys, it may not be feasible to be stocking all the different fobiks on the market today. So an easy way to still help your customers but not have to put a ton of money into inventory is to make sure you have the Y170 PT in stock because it fits all of them. It replaces all of them.


The chip is the Philips 46 encrypted. It might sound familiar to you, along with all the other information, when it comes to this key because the Y170 PT uses the same chip as the Y164. Same chip, same technology, essentially Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep put a Y164 chip in it and then put the circuit board for all the buttons in it. That's what they got going on, but they made it look extra fancy.


As far as the blade goes, the emergency key blade is a Y159. Okay, so you can use a primary Y159 key to cut a key by code, test it out, make sure it works well, or even use a Y159 for a hide-a-key under the car.


For the chipless key, I recommend the JMA version. It's the TP00-CHR-15.P1. Check the link in the notes below.


When it comes to the code series, it's not going to surprise you that it also uses the same code series as the Y164 and the Y160 PT, the M1 to M2618.


The machine I'll be using for duplicating the Y164 key is the JMA Nomad. It's going to be the Y159, the test key for it. And I'm going to use side one or side A.

 Duplicating a Y170 Transponder Key

Duplicating a Y170 Transponder Key

What's going to happen? You put the key in the jaw on side one or A. Now, it sits on there really naturally. Okay, which is a great thing and is what we're doing is on this little ledge right here on this big groove on the key; that's where we're setting it. Alright. And as you can see, even with the cuts there, they're still what I like to call 'enough meat on the bone or enough material' to grip the key.

 Making a copy of a Y170 Transponder Key

However, since this is a tip stop key, meaning there's no shoulder on this key at all, we're going to align it on the tip, make sure you can get as much of the key as possible on the jaw, so there's enough material to clamp to.

So, in other words, you have these two options. You have this option here to clamp it or this option here. If you use this option, as you can see here, it's a recipe for disaster.

Duplicating a Y170 Transponder Key

That's not going to work, so make sure always to use the furthest option possible to clamp it down. Even sometimes, if I'm a little suspicious, I'll take to tip the small gauge, shortstop, and running into it on both sides, and that's going to give me max meat on the bone to the key.

Nomad Key Machinr

But for this example, we'll go ahead and just back it off to the slot, like the image below. I'll go ahead and put the key in, and I'll hold it down. We'll clamp it nice and tight, just like that. Now, we'll go ahead and take our blank key, we'll stick it to the right jaw, and we'll do the same thing. Please put it in, and clamp it down. At this point, we're just going to go ahead and duplicate the key. Now, of course, you want to make sure to clamp the key tight by giving it a wiggle. From then, you can turn the machine on and cut the key on that one side.

Duplicating a Duplicating a Y170 Transponder Key with the Nomad Key Machine

Alright, so that one side is done. Before I always do the other, I like to turn it on and get rid of some of these little burrs. And we'll flip it over to the other side. The sides, it'd be a little trickier side to make sure you clamp it down nice and tight. Alright, you can always get in here and make sure it's going to stay.

When it comes to duplicating a double-sided key like this, as you can see, there are cuts on both sides, and there are two kinds of schools of thought. Let me tell you what I think. So I guess if the key looks brand new and are not worn, duplicating just one side of the existing key on both sides of the new key is not a problem, but if you start seeing anywhere at all in the key, I recommend just flipping the key when you duplicate the other side. So that's kind of the philosophy I've developed. You may not want to do that, that's perfectly fine, but that's how I've always done it. So get that line back up here. Make sure it's nice and tight. We'll duplicate the other side. Now, one last thing I want to bring up when we're duplicating this key - so I'm going to put it on here, and instead of just following it along, I'm just going to shave off the top. I will shave it down a little bit, which will always prevent the key from moving around sliding and causing problems. So let's go ahead, turn it on, and cut this side.

How to cut a Y170 Transponder Key

What I've done now is I've halfway got the key, and I've eliminated any need to worry at this point about the key. Plop it up, so we're going to finish it.

Duplicating a Y170 Transponder Key

And there you have it; that is how you can duplicate a Y164 or even a Y159 or Y160 key. So, they all use the same, even the Y170, so that's how you can do it. Just go nice and slow and make sure you get everything nice, tight, and straight.

 Using the Nomad key Machine

And that is everything you need to know about the Y170 PT transponder key for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep. Make sure you download the PDF. That is a quick sheet that has all the information that I talked about in this video.

Final Thoughts On The Y170 Transponder Key

I find the Y170 PT a pretty fascinating little key. At first, it kind of shocks me that it is as popular as it is, but then when you start looking over a decade of the fobiks being sold, and it being an inexpensive emergency key or a key to get a customer back on the road, it starts to make sense. I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time. 

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