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Locksmithing 101 | EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The H92 Transponder Key!

Let's look at what a locksmith needs to know about the Ford H92, which is currently the second most popular transponder key in the United States.




Expect to learn about the chip type, the test key, the shell you can use to harvest an existing chip and bring it into a new shell, the code sequence, and how to replicate, so let's get started.

h92 Transponder Key


Let's go back and learn the origin of the H92 key. Before the H92, we used to know it as the H84. Commonly known as the jewel key, or by its stratec number, the 599114. And if you've been locksmithing or cutting automotive keys for over ten years, you've said and encountered it a lot. Back when it was the 599114 or the H84, it was a 40-bit chip, and when Texas Instruments and Ford switched it from a 40 bit to an 80 bit, that's when the name became H92.

Another fact about H94 is that it is a high-security version of this H92. They called it the jewel key because the Ford emblem looks like a little jewel-like piece that they put on it. Until they started making them without the jewel on there, still, for the longest time, it was the jewel key or the 599114. And one of the number one reasons this key is so popular is because Ford was committed to that H75 edge style key for many years.


The chip used is a 4D63 chip, a Texas Instruments 80-bit chip. It's backward compatible with older 40-bit keys. That is why there is no need to stock H84; instead, stock H92, which is an 80-bit backward compatible with older 40-bit keys as well.


The H75 is the perfect match for the test blade. When you look in the books, it says to use an H86 service key, which can create confusion since there is also a transponder key of the same name. If you want to get technical, you can use the H86 service key, a metal-headed key. It appears to be very similar to the H75, but avoid having the H86 transponder key because it is entirely different.

H75 Key Blank


The shell should be TP00FO-30D.P, which is rendered by JMA. The shells were first made widely available by JMA. All of the material I'm going through is available in PDF. To view it easily, download and print it.


The H92 key uses the same code sequence as almost any other board that uses the H75 keyway, the 1X-1706X. The PDF will also contain all of the related information.

H92 Key Details


Prepare your key machines and follow these procedures for duplicating the H92 Transponder Key. It would be best if you have the JMA Nomad with the four-way jaws. However, if you have a two-way jaw machine, use side 1 or side A to duplicate it properly.

Duplicating the H92 Transponder Key

Use the H75 key as a test key and put it on one side.  Consult the image below how I put it in the jaw.

Nomad Key Duplicator

Maximize the big central groove, which serves as enough meat on the bone to clamp it down and keep it secure, unlike the B106 or the B111 circle plus transponder key.

Key Cutting Tipss

Always use the last slot on the jaw. Slide the key into the left jaw; insert the tip-stop key to the jaw's last slot.

Locksmithing 101 - H92

And once you have the test key in place, grab an uncut H75. Put it in the right jaw, insert the tip-stop to the jaw's last slot, and then start cutting. 

Note: Same principles and procedures apply to a transponder key.

When the one side is done, get rid of the burrs from the after cutting, then flip it around, do the same procedure using the tip-stop, and cut it.


Some of the rules of thought with duplicating double-sided keys are that some guys like to flip it and cut the other side, which is not a bad practice. However, I do it based on the wear of the key. If it's a pretty worn key, I'll flip it over and do both sides. Otherwise, I'll keep it on the one side when I'm duplicating; that's up to you. The experience will help you with that as time goes by.

Duplicate the h92 Transponder Key

And there you have it; that's how easy it is to duplicate one of these H75 or H92 transponder keys. It's pretty simple, but you still want to make sure you follow good fundamentals and if you're new, use that H75 service key to help you gain the confidence you need to start cutting on the actual transponder keys. Make sure you download that PDF guide. It is a nice quick reference sheet. Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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