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Locksmith Trivia - Can you get them all right?

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That's a good one. Funny quick story, I get random calls like this all the time. I haven't gotten one of these today. It's funny to talk about some of the nuance in the stuff that goes on with what we have to deal with.


"Here's a different approach to the Locksmith Van: a Locksmith Trailer. Saves the cost of a dedicated vehicle, and allows for me to still do my duties as a dad.

The trailer is a good way to store my tools / inventory, and to have a workspace out of the elements.

It's a 6x12 enclosed trailer, with a 75 Amp Hour battery, and 2000-Watt pure sine wave inverter. It also has an option to run power from a generator outside or to hook up to grid power.

Still got work to do (install the counter, etc), but will get it set up and refined as time goes by."

- Steve B. at Hastings Lock and Key

Steve, very cool. What I love about this is that you found a way to make things work for your situation. I think that's really awesome. It allows you to still use your vehicle for a family vehicle and you have a trailer to do the work stuff. It’s a really cool set up and hopefully, it gives inspiration to others. I love seeing how people take what they have or what works best for them and put it to use.

Thanks so much for sending in these great pics, Steve! This is already looking awesome and we can't wait to see it progress over time!


"Huge mail stoke! Won a @clk_supplies contest and they did not disappoint. Thank you!!" -Bill R. @billryv

You have a nice Lock Caddy set up, big bro and the lab kit. We're thrilled you enjoy your prize, Bill! Thanks so much for tagging us in this picture.



Ben’s Lock and Key Locksmithing, I sincerely thank you for the business and support. And even better, I'm happy that you had what you needed to get the job done. And of course, the bloopers. I don't know why, but I feel like I'm on a roll in a bad way creating bloopers right now. Hopefully, I can get that corrected fairly soon.

I kind of themed this one. Hopefully, 50% of the questions over 50% of lockbosses know. I don't want it to be too tough, nor too easy. Let's see what you’ve got!

QUESTION 1: What is the standard size hole for standard prepped door?


ANSWER: Two and an eight inch is the very standard size hole for a standard prepped door.

QUESTION 2: Are tubular or cylindrical deadlatches latches adjustable?


ANSWER: The tubular deadlatches are adjustable.

I swapped the images, so the cylindrical is on the left and the tubular is on the right. What I love the most about this question and why I bring up a lot of stuff around cylindrical and tubular is because when a lot of people hear tubular, they don't think of a residential style of a latch. They always think about tubular locks. It’s the nuance of it. I think over time, hopefully, it will help a bunch of people.

QUESTION 3: What does this go to?


CLUE: This tailpiece is specifically for one style of lock.

ANSWER: It goes on the back of the C9100 or C9200 USPS mailbox. On the back of those big cluster mailboxes found in neighborhoods or developments, this is the actual tail piece that is used.

QUESTION 4: What does this go to?


ANSWER: This particular part is for a Schlage deadbolt. It’s the part that goes on the back that you put the tail piece inside of.

It’s one of those weird things that when you rekey and loose it because it goes somewhere, will put you in a bad place.

QUESTION 5: How many cycles does a Grade 2 lock need to have in order to be Grade 2?


ANSWER: C is the answer. A lock needs 400, 000 cycles in order to be classified as Grade 2.

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