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*Spend $392.29 and get the #Lockboss 24/7 Tumbler for FREE when you add it to your cart*
Locksmith Tool | Master Pin Follower

Locksmith Tool | Master Pin Follower

The Pro-Lok Master Pin Follower, part number LT370, is the coolest follower for any locksmith. Aluminum makes up the Pro-Lok Master Pin Follower. Each end has been cut off, which is perfect because it will suit the back part of the tailpiece that protrudes in mortise cylinders. On the other side, you'll find an excellent wider cut-out on the opposite end. Now, the middle section is what distinguishes it as a master pin follower, and the whole function of a master pin follower is based on the groove that's been cut out, which is ideal for simply spinning around to remove all of the master pins. Instead of inserting your usual follower, take it out and double-check that no master pin is trapped in either of the chambers within the bolt.

Pro-Lok Master Pin Follower


To rekey a lock with a normal follower, you must first carry the follower through and then go to the lock to rekey it. Then you must look for all the master pins. To do so, turn the lock around, align it with your follower, and enter with a pair of tweezers, checking each chamber. If a master pin is present, remove it in the same manner.

Rekeying a lock using the Pro-Lok Master Pin Follower

There aren't many existing locks that have been master keyed when rekeying mostly new locks. Yes, you can do it by hand; however, if you're working on a project or a job where every lock will have master pins, then using a Pro-Lok Master Pin Follower is a game-changer.


Let me show you how it works. Grab the Pro-Lok Master Pin Follower and start over here.

Pin Follower

Insert the back-part tailpiece of the lock that sticks out to the cut out of the Pro-Lok Master Pin Follower, then push it a bit until it went through. Remove the component that will fall off and set it aside.

Pro-Lok Master Pin Follower

You'll need to slide it down to the other cut-out end from this stage. You'll hear a lot of master pins pop out when doing this. Rock the Pro-Lok Master Pin Follower back and forth to remove the master pins.

Removing master pins using the Pro-Lok Master Pin Follower

How to remove master pins on a lock

There might be top pins that won't come out by doing it. These are not low enough to where they're going to fall out themselves, but it's cut down far enough so where all the master pins are going to. They're just going to be sitting there, and if you rock it, just a little bit, it will knock them loose, and they're going to come right out.

Rekeying a lock using a master pin follower

All you must do is rock it back and forth, bring it back around. Put your lock back together; there we go.

Rekeying locks with the #LockBoss

So that is how you use the Pro-Lok LT370 Masterpin Follower. It's an extra five, maybe 10 seconds tops of checking for these master pins.

Please tell me your comments. Do you use the Pro-Lok Masterpin Follower? Let me know. Thanks, and we'll see you next time!

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