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#Lockboss Summer - Hotdog Eating Contest and Summer Tank

Kylie: Hey guys, it's Kylie, and I have Megan here.

Megan: Hey guys.

Kylie: So you guys remember a few weeks ago on the live when I was moderating, we brought up the hotdog eating contest and made it happen for you guys.

Megan: Yep, we are getting ready for our Fourth of July company barbecue and refreshments. We've got treats, we've got the crew, of course, and most importantly, we've got the hotdogs.


Kylie: We're just about ready to start, and Megan, who do you think you are doing?

Megan: Probably the Lock father. He's got a real good shot. Yeah, pretty straightforward.

Kylie: I think PJ and Joey, he's been pumped all week, and I think he can do it.

Megan: Oh, okay. Well, let's see what everybody else is thinking.

Kylie: Yeah, let's go.


Ian: You know, after you asked that question, thinking about it, I'm going to go with my gut. It's either going to be Aaron or Tyler, but I'm pretty sure it's Aaron.


Mario: I think Pete, I'm going for the underdog.


Joey: I'm probably going to try to get the first minute. Like, get as much as I can in before I feel stuck, so that's part of my strategy, but I think I'll get like maybe 10+

PJ: Really?

Joey: 10+, yeah.

PJ: Wow! Now, I mean, I've never done this before. It's easy for me to eat, though. So. I mean, I'm just going to let the good times roll. That's pretty much my strategy. How many I think I'll get down, so how does it go? I'm going to put a little...Are you going to put any condiments on yours?

Joey: No. I'm going to do the dipping strategy.

PJ: You know, and it's important to note, Joey, that all week long, you've been kind of like dropping little things about how you plan to cream me?

Joey: Well, that's because I'm going to vacuum. I can like scarf food down. Like, I swallow pretty much whole.

PJ: Okay, fair enough.

Joey: Or at least half.

PJ: Well, here in just a few moments, we're going to find out -

Joey: Yeah.

PJ: - what you're talking about


Pete: Well, I want to eat as many as I can. Probably a minimum of eight could be 12.

Tyler: My strategy is not to let the hotdog get back to my tongue. Get it down. I'm going to get them in, maybe two at a time.

Pete: Eat them as quick as I can.

Tyler: - to lose to me.

Pete: Every time, I can beat you.

Tyler: Perfect.


Aaron: I'm going to eat 30

Cameron: Just picked me up off the street when I was walking by.

Unknown Speaker: Okay, what's the strategy for you guys?

Cameron: Keep your pinkies raised, somebody that's good at it.

Aaron: Keep the appetite going. Don't think about it. Once you start thinking about it, it all comes back out.

Cameron: Indigestion is pain.

Aaron: Yeah. Get rid of heartburn. I'd count for that, but I won't get it—mind over matter.

Megan: All right, I'll go over the rules quickly. And then we can start. All right. We're also in this competition.



Megan: All right, the winner of the Lockboss Hotdog Eating Competition 2022 is our boy Joey!


Kylie: Six hot dogs in three minutes.

Joey: Six. The first trophy I've had in a while. I'm proud of myself.

Kylie: You're the winner. How does it feel?

Joey: It was great. I mean, I knew this was going to happen.

Kylie: You did.

Joey: I called it. I called it two years ago.

Megan: You were ready for this.

Joey: Yes, I was.

Kylie: Was it more challenging than you thought?

Joey: No.

Kylie: It was more manageable.

Joey: Honestly, I thought I was going to get more, but it was just a time, but I knew within the first minute, I would be ahead of everybody. I knew that for sure.

Kylie: Kind of. What's your strategy?

Joey: The dunking method, but I didn't just dunk it. I took the bread, dipped it, and then I crushed it in my hand and shoved it in my mouth.

Kylie: Yeah, they worked.

Joey: And then it just goes down. And that in the time came down to the pocket just shoved my face.

Kylie: So, last question. Where are you going to put your trophy?

Joey: In my studio.

Megan: For everyone to see?

Joey: Yeah

Megan: Good job. Congratulations!

Kylie: Yeah. That was fun. And we guys, we hope you guys enjoyed that. And in the comments below, comment down any other fun or crazy ideas you have and will continue to happen.

Megan: Also, for the entire month of July, don't forget to add Lockboss forever Party Pack to your cart for orders over $345 or more. You'll get those awesome tanks you saw everybody wearing and a koozie. Also, do not forget to comment hashtag #LockBoss in the comment section of our YouTube video. You'll be automatically entered to win one of five prizes we give out once a week on YouTube.


Kylie: Thanks again, everybody. Maybe next time, I can get Joey to join the party.

Megan: We'll see.

Kylie: We'll see. Well, thanks, guys. See you!

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