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#Lockboss Showdown: Who Will Win?

Megan: The cigarette and the mouth just does it for me.

Kylie: He is just oozing coolness.


Kylie: Here's some awesome pics from Tyler N. at Newhouse Lock and Key! It's awesome to see our

Lockpick Lodge in action!


Megan: Thanks so much, Chad @the_locksmith_life , for sharing your awesome sticker set up!

Kylie: We love to get those kinds of pictures from you guys, so thank you both for sending those.

Megan:  Yeah, send them in so we can share them with the rest of the community. We've gotten a couple of those people liking it, which was good. And then that stickers, show us where you're putting stickers. Those are big hits.



Kylie: Yeah, that's awesome. I think that video was a good video and that's so true with anything. Locksmiths tend to overwork themselves so you're not always thinking about that kind of thing like safety and stuff. So, I think that's an awesome comment.



Kylie:  5:00 

For the fun stuff, what we have planned is like trivia but with fun rivalry in the building, warehouse versus sales. We'll see who wins. But before that let us hear their backgrounds, so you guys can get an idea for who might win.

Cameron: When I first got out of high school Pete, the lock father, had hired me as a locksmith apprentice in his shop. I've been there for about 14 months, and decided to change jobs to try to find something that paid a little higher. I was trying to get moved out, but then COVID hit. And so, I got no work for a while. After that, I still kind of stayed connected with him, and when a position here opened up, I had played a few times, but there was a little bit of delay. Then, when I saw him one day, I asked him if that position is still open, he said he put in a good word for me and now I’m here.

Megan: So, you were a locksmith for a little bit then?

Cameron: Yes.

Kylie: So, he has a little bit of background. Ian?

Ian: I got about five years of firefighting experience under my belt. During that time destroying locks and destroying doors and now I've been here for a bit over a year now. So, learning quick; learn a lot of stuff. And then, just trying to make sure that when I'm doing sales stuff, I stay on top of all that knowledge and the current practice.

Kylie: For sure. I mean, in sales we do get a lot of tech questions, so you kind of pick up things pretty quickly. But yeah, so that's kind of their background. So, who do you guys think will win?

Megan: By the way, how are you guys feeling?

Cameron: I got the pressure of all the guys down in the warehouse telling me I have to win. They want you to lose. I thought this is going to be friendly, but I didn't know the stakes were going to be this high.

Megan: Ian, do you think you got a good chance?

Ian: I mean, I’m from sales.

Kylie: We tried to do a mixture of different questions. Me and Megan came up with a question on our own. We've tried our best and we also made it even funnier. Want to tell what the loser gets?

Megan: Here at CLK, PJ likes for everybody to share the bathroom floors. The responsibility of keeping everybody's area clean. We all take turns. Every day, somebody new cleans the bathroom, so it cycles through. So, everybody's keeping track; everybody's having to clean it. We decided it's not exactly the most fun job when it’s your day to clean the bathroom. So, the loser of this competition has to clean the bathroom for the rest of next week, Monday to Friday.

Kylie: To make fun, we will be taking a picture of them cleaning the bathroom every single day.

Megan: So, if you are friends with us on Instagram and Facebook, make sure to check back next week to see some not so happy faces.

Cameron: Now I almost want to lose. I’ll be cleaning the most non-typical way possible.

Kylie: Don’t, we are counting on you. Let’s get started.


Megan: Cameron, what’s your answer?

Cameron: A.

Ian: A

Megan:  We got two As’. Correct. That's awesome. Next question.


Cameron: False

Ian: False

Megan: Both had false.

Kylie: That's right. That's correct.

Megan: You guys are doing better than doing okay so far. Next question.


Megan: What’s your answer?

Ian: A. tumbler lock

Cameron: B. Handcuffs

Kylie: Nope. It is C. Warded locks.

Cameron: We’re using the term Warden being the awarded padlock, so it's got the shields around the lash.


Ian: C.

Cameron: B

Kylie: C is correct. C is correct.  3 points for Ian and 2 points for Cameron.


Ian: True

Cameron: True

Megan: That is correct. You guys, both got that.

Kylie: A lever that's default position on both sides is always locked and require a key to be used for unlocking it is:


Megan: What was your answer?

Cameron: A classroom.

Ian: D. Delta. Institutional.

Kylie: It was D. Institutional.

Megan: On to the next one.


Megan: You seemed pretty confident. What was your answer?

Cameron: B. Houdini

Ian: Houdini

Megan: Houdini. That's correct.

Cameron: That's a great story actually behind him where he almost failed one of his famous escapes, because the lock was not locked.

Megan: Of course, you knew that. You just guessed?

Ian: I just guessed.

Megan: Can I ask why you guessed B.

Ian: He had some pretty interesting escape techniques. And so, I've figured probably picked those escape techniques because he knew a little bit more about locks than the average Joe.

Megan: I think yours was pretty interesting when you heard about this question was that we sell Houdini lock. We're moving on to the next question.


Megan: What did you put down?

Ian: A. KIK Cylinder

Megan: Cameron?

Cameron: B. Tumbler Deadbolt Cylinder

Kylie: C is the answer. I thought for sure Cameron can get this one.

Cameron: I had like three years where I haven’t been a locksmith, 2019.

Megan: And you don't remember every little thing.

Cameron: Give me a little credit. If you're watching, and you're the one who ordered those, like 33 IC cores. You're welcome. I made sure they all worked.

Megan: He is very good work. Ready for the next one?


Megan: You guys should know it; top of your head. This one's good for both sales and warehouse because sales were talking about them quite a bit; warehouse is actually touching them quite a bit. Could be pretty easy.

Megan: I will start with Cameron.

Cameron: B. 10

Ian: C. 12

Megan: What's the answer, Kylie?

Kylie: 10.

Megan: Okay, all right. Then next question.


Kylie: A. Comb pick. B. Rake pick. C. Diamond pick. D. Double mountain pick.

Cameron: D. Mountain pick.

Ian: Rale pick

Kylie: It is D. Mountain pick.

Cameron: The Rake is wavy; the mountain points. Think of it like you would do as your kid drawings.

Ian: I go off of everything by SKU numbers.

Megan: This is very friendly. I think we're like tie as of now. Alrighty, next question.

Kylie: Which manufacturer makes the pit bull metal latch forming tool? A. Ilco. B. Pro-Lok. C. Major. D. WedgeCo.


Ian: Major

Megan: Okay, that's your answer. What's your answer?

Cameron: B. Pro-Lok

Kylie: It is C. Major.

Megan: Are you picturing the location in the warehouse?

Cameron: Yeah.

Megan: All right. Okay. Next one.


Megan: On average, we were able to confirm

Kylie: Yes, the lock father did confirm some of our questions. So, we have some credibility here.

Megan: We're just making stuff. Plus, we get On calls, like kind of an idea of what people –

Ian: This is a toss-up.

Cameron: I can’t remember which one this was but I can't be certain so this is also a tossup for me.

Kylie: You got to pick one, Ian. Circle which one you're picking.

Cameron: D. Kia

Ian: Honda.

Kylie: B. Honda.

Ian: Wafers are constantly going out as what I've heard.

Megan: And so and that's why we thought we get calls about it.

Kylie: Yeah, we sell more  Honda ignitions than any other type of ignitions.

Cameron: That was the concept I had.

Ian:  It is because GM if you look at the bats systems, that systems are always going out but not as often as Honda.

Cameron: It depends on what year though, because like, if it’s 2009 Acadia it's all kinds of problems.


Ian: Bravo. Sliding Door

Cameron: C. Toolbox

Megan: Kylie?

Kylie: It is B. Sliding Door.

Cameron: I have never heard the term Euro Lock.

Kylie: Really? Interesting. I’m sure you pull them in the warehouse, like the cylinders.

Cameron: Yeah, but I believe it's under the profile number of PRXL

Ian: They're also known as like profile cylinders.

Kylie: Yeah, Euro profile cylinders.

Cameron: That would have helped.

Megan:  It's good. That's good to know. In the future, we'll put some SKU numbers.

Cameron: I'm just not used to that term.

Megan: Alrighty, next question.


Cameron: A.

Ian: A

Megan: Did you guys both know that or did you guess?

Ian: I knew B, C, and D.


Megan: We have our answers? Okay. Ian, what did you put?

Ian: C. US26.

Megan: And what did you put?

Cameron: Good to C. You can C now.

Megan: oh your word because he also picked that I don't know how you did that yes for sure I was 2016 

Kylie: C is correct.

Cameron: I'm still behind.

Kylie: You are and for fun, we had a bonus question in case they tied but let's just play it anyways.


Megan: Cameron, what's your answer?

Cameron: A. Egypt.

Megan: What's your answer?

Ian: Mesopotamia.

Megan: It is A. Egypt. You still lost but you got the bonus question so congratulations. The winner is Ian from Sales.

Kylie: Cameron, you did good.

Cameron: Hold on a sec. I'm not a fan of participation awards.

Kylie: I mean, I am looking forward to rubbing it in the warehouse space for sure.

Megan: But like yeah, so next week, bathrooms are going to be cleaned by you.  Ian, how are you feeling?  

Ian: Pretty good. I was a little nervous go up against Cameron, but yeah.

Kylie: How fair do you guys honestly think the questions are because I was like really trying.

Ian: There was a couple that I was scrambling. What about you, Cameron?

Cameron: I felt like Ian can probably do better than I did. Because a lot of the terms are fresher for him such as like the Euro locker. I'd never heard of that. Questions like the skeleton key, the awarded lock I've only ever heard that like boarded padlocks and handcuffs tend to usually have a skeleton key to lock them. Just basic simplicity, unless it's changed over the years. I can't be certain there. And then I thought it was the HPC machine that was the cheapest but because we sometimes see the prices of sale stuff on our shipping system, but I realized after no it was one of the Ilco machines.

Megan: It was the GMA machine. Good job on the questions, by the way. Thank you, Kylie. Everyone, thank you, and we’ll see you next time.

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