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Kwikset Pinning (re-keying) Kit

The Kwikset Pinning Kit, part number KWK-115 by Specialty Products, comes with heavy-duty metal cases that have a handle for you to grab from job site to job site and also to nice clamps that will hold the kit down tight. So, if it were to be dropped on the ground, it's going to stay together.

As you open it, you'll notice that the lid is puffy looking because there's foam behind it. It's going to push down on top of this pin case and make sure that the pins aren't going to transfer from bin to bin. And if you look at the chart, you'll see that it comes with Master number 1 - 6, top pin number 1 and 2, and bottom pins number 1-7, including some springs.


As for the pins, you'll see that they're color-coded to Kwikset specs, and they're identical. The number 7 bottom, as well as the Kwikset OEM pin, are purple. It comes with 100 pieces of each size with plenty of room to add. It's nice to have a pinning kit that when you buy a bag of 100 pins to add to your kit, you can dump the whole bag inside the chamber and not keep a little load off to the side somewhere. So that's a nice feature.


You'll also see that there's a spot on the right that you can put some of your rekeying tools like followers, and if you want, you can always pick up the tray as extra storage underneath.


That is the Kwikset pinning kit by Specialty Products. Thanks, and we'll see you next time.

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