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*Spend $389.99 and get the #Lockboss Icon Sleeve Tee for FREE when you add it to your cart*
Keys and Cam Locks... making them work?

Keys and Cam Locks... making them work?

If you stop to think about it, there are a lot of Cam Locks in the world today. And with many cam locks being out there in the world today, there's also a ton of manufacturers making them. Because of that, it can make it tricky to work with Cam Locks from time to time, especially when a customer has an existing key and wants to continue to use that particular key. You could get lucky if it is one of the popular ones but worry not because by simply using this kit, you can almost make everything work. This kit will work on about 80% of Cam Locks out there.


The Multi-Function CompX fort rekeying kit looks small, but it's excellent and powerful.

 CompX fort rekeying kit

Next are the two different locks. The first one is the CompX stock locks; the code is 217. I took the lock and the key since it is the lock that I'll be using for demonstration.

 Cam Lcoks by Stock Locks

The second key is the ES 133 code series, the Y11 key. The lock isn't crucial in this; I am just after the ES 133 key.

 ES 133 code series key


The key that comes with the CompX stock locks packaging will work on the lock. But, we're trying to see, 'Can the ES 133 Y11 key work on the lock from the CompX stock locks packaging?'

 Locksmith demonstration

With our kit's help, we'll pin this lock to this key, ES 133. These are entirely different code series. You can see the space and depth information for both of them in the image below.

 looking for cuts in lock

Start by taking out all of the wafers from the lock. Once done, start sight-reading the cuts of the key and identify the correct pinning kits to be used. This can be a trial and error method for newcomers.

 get the cam lock and try to unlock the lock using the ES 133 Y11 key

Once complete, get the cam lock and try to unlock the lock using the ES 133 Y11 key.



Find yourself in a situation where two different manufacturer keys have different code series? You can get out of that situation with the Multi-Function CompX fort rekeying kit. With the Multi-Function CompX fort rekeying kit, you can pin or key a cam lock to the customer's key without any problems by simply sight-reading. The tolerance in these cam locks is tremendous. If you take that enormous tolerance, you'll be able to do this. Take this information, use it as you will, and deploy it as needed or when needed when the time arises.

Now we start to think about it: real precision locks that need tight tolerances use brass, so it's no surprise that there's a lot of tolerance in these diecast-style cam locks. Check the links in the notes below for all the different products. I'd love to know if you are surprised that two different code series with different space and depth information can work easily. Please drop your comments to our video and ensure that you include #LockBoss to automatically get entered in to win one of five free prizes we give each week on YouTube. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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