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EASY or HARD? Change Interconnected Lock Handing | Townsteel

The Townsteel E-Genius lock is not only a quality lock that you'd expect out of Townsteel but with it being an interconnected lock. It doesn't require any extra holes, and on top of that, it has a nice cool feature. It is locking the deadbolt by pulling the handle upward. If you are not familiar with this feature, you can check it out in a video in the notes below. And since there have been technical questions about it, here's the answer by showing you how to do it.

 Townsteel E-Genius lock


The number one question that we get asked all the time is that sometimes you think you need a right hand or a left hand. Then you get to the job, and something changes, and you need the opposite, or we've all made a goof for two when we go to order it, we order the wrong handing. You might say that it is a basic-level design. Why is it even handed? The reason it's handed is that when the lock is unlocked and you got to leave, you want to throw the deadbolt to lock it, just by pulling the handle.

 How to change the Handing on the Townsteel E-Genius lock

The big question is, 'Is it difficult to change the handing on this lock?' The answer is no; it's straightforward when you think about the designs and how Townsteel builds their locks.


I got a lock here sitting off to the side I'll grab. I'll show you exactly how to change the handing, it's straightforward, swift, and you're going to love it. Alright, here is an E-Genius. I just pulled this right out of a box; you can see these will be the two main parts here, the exterior side and the interior side.

 Adjusting the handing on the Townsteel E-Genius lock

Open up the interior side, and you'll see 'with deadbolt extended.' Either you want it for the left hand/left-hand reverse or right hand/right-hand reverse.

 inside the Townsteel E-Genius lock

All you have to do is move it like that. You can use your hand, no big deal.

 how to change the handing on an interconnected lock

On the exterior, start by tucking in the handle. And if you look here, there is an engraved LH for the left hand and RH for the right hand. Focus on the RH hole; as you turn the lever to the right hand, you'll see a space for a screw or screw hole.

 change a interconnected lock handing

And if you turn it to the left hand, you'll notice an allen inside the LH hole. You need to take out that allen and move it over to the other side to switch the handing.

 Townsteel E-Genius lock

If you're wondering what's underneath this plate, here's a picture for you. You can see what's going on. You can see where the allen is, and then the little screw hole right next to it for you to switch the handing over.

 Townsteel E-Genius lock

Then you can see on the other plate the little black piece at the bottom. That's what's the primary mechanism for when you're moving the lever up to throw that deadbolt latch.

 adjusting an interconnected lock handing

Proceed by grabbing an allen wrench; I used the 760 force. Find the side that it's on, put it in there and then twist it out. Make sure you don't lose the screw down in the hole.


Pull out the allen, move the handle until the screw hole is visible, and install the allen.

 Townsteel E-Genius lock

And that's all you have to do to change the handling on it. I appreciate Townsteel honestly doing it like this because, at the end of the day, you can be on the job, realize you have the wrong handing for whatever reason, and you can switch it in just a few moments.

 Townsteel lock handing

That's how you change the handing in the field with the Townsteel E-Genius interconnected electronic lock. I'd love to know what you think; how does changing the handing on this Townsteel E-Genius lock compare to other locks you've had to change the handing off? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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