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CLK - The Silca Swift Plus High Security Duplicator | Video

Today we’re going to be talking about the Silca Swift Plus High Security Duplicator. If you are in the market for a high quality, and value priced high security key duplicator, you need to check this thing out.

Let’s go over how exactly to cut a key with the Silca Swift Plus.


How To Use The Silca Swift Plus High Security Duplicator

The Silca Swift Plus is designed specifically to cut a high security key, which is among the most difficult kinds of keys to cut. 

On the left side of the Swift Plus is the tracer, and on the right side of the device is the cutter. The carriage is moved back and forth with a handle on the extreme left side, while the cutter and the tracer are lowered and raised with a handle above the device.

The first thing to do is to set the high security key that has already been cut into the left side of the device, and align and secure it properly with a tip stop. Go ahead and take your blank high security key to be cut into the ride side, and secure it down with a tip stop as well.

Proceed to turn on the cutting wheel. Take note that you should not be too aggressive with the Silca Swift Plus, or else you’re just going to bend and harm the tracers and cutters. Your job is just to guide it along.

Once the motor is switched on, you’re going to bring the cutter and the tracer down to where the start of the keys are at. Go slow and trace the key by moving it with the lever on the far left side of the device.

You may want to do it one more time as well before switching to the other side of the key as well. Repeat with the second side as well. You will probably find that the tip of the key is the hardest. 

Turn the device off, flip the two keys over, and then cut the other side by following the same steps above. 

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