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Broken Key Removal- Extract a Broken Key Using The HPC-ES- 2000 Key Extractor

I went over various key extractors like the Spiral Key Extractor and the Saw Tooth Key Extractor with their uses, but there are situations wherein it will require the Pick Style Key Extractors HPC Part number ES-2000.


The image below shows a situation wherein you find yourself with a wafer in front of the key, usually for two reasons. A key broke off, and the person stuck the key back in there and tried to turn the lock. The second is when you push that key further in, or you're trying to do a key extraction with a spiral key extractor or saw tooth key extractor, and you accidentally push the key further in. Let me show you how to get the broken key out using these pick-style key extractors.



Since it is a small, cabinet lock, I'm going for the smallest pick style key extractor profile. My procedure is to flip the key extractor upside down and go in very gently. I'm going to push up the wafer and hook it onto the very top of the key there. Remember to keep it enough at an angle like this, then gently try to pull it forward just a little bit because I'm not worried about getting the key out at the moment; I want to get it further out.


Insert the extractor and push it up until the wafer has moved up.


At this point, you could use a saw tooth key extractor or a spiral key extractor, but since this key has already been pushed in too far, I don't want to risk it again, and so is what I'm going to do is I'm just going to take the tip of the extractor and put it right in here.


Just at the very tip then pull to get the broken key.


That's where these pick style key extractors come into place; HPC makes it. Thanks, and we'll see you next time.

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