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Always duplicate the right key with Pro-Lok LT300 Keycheck | Video

Let's face it, some keys are hard to identify. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the key you have in stock has the same key profile. Will it work? Not sure? Don't worry we have all stared down the profile of a key wondering, do I have the right key? The Pro-Lok LT300 Keycheck was designed for this exact reason!

The Pro-Lok LT300 Keycheck helps locksmiths clearly identify the proper key profile to make sure, when you’re duplicating an existing key, that it is going to work. This is especially important nowadays as there are many off brand and imported keys. It can be questionable if you do not have a trained eye or if you are new to the business whether or not you are duplicating the right key. And no locksmith wants a customer come back in an angry mood because the key we gave them doesn’t fit in the lock or doesn’t work.

That said, the Pro-Lok LT300 Keycheck is a valuable asset for professional locksmiths.

Let’s describe how it works: Loosen the screws in the back of the Pro-Lok LT300 Keycheck and move the fingers on each side so that the hole in the middle is open. Grab the key you want to duplicate and insert it through the opening. Make sure you hold the key straight and that in half way. Once ready, push in the little fingers on each side. For a perfect fit, check that the key is touching the bottom of the hole of the Pro-Lok LT300 Keycheck. Tighten the two screws and pull the key out.
If done properly, you’ll find a clear nice profile of the key. Stick in a blank key and try to get it lined it up with that profile. This is how you know if you have the right key.

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