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ALOA Post Show Chat with the Team

PJ: And of course, we have the ALOA after show. Now if you look in that picture, there you can see some of our lock boss community that we got to meet. It was pretty fun here. So let me go and take this off the screen. I tell you what, is everyone fully recovered?

Kylie: Maybe after this weekend, to be honest. It was a lot of fun. But there's a lot of work that goes into it. Worth it, but

PJ: Yeah. A lot going on and I've always had a bad habit of like always hard charging. Right? I don't think we've got. I mean, I don't think I got to bed until midnight or after, every night.

Megan: Almost every night. Yeah.

PJ: We're up early.

Kylie: Oh, yeah. No sleeping.

PJ: You know, I'd say. You know, I think it was absolutely fantastic. There was one thing that bothered me the entire trip, though. Like I'm serious about this. And that is okay. So all of us, we went to breakfast together. Went to the show; everywhere we went after. No joke. Every single day, Megan had a couple more 1000 steps than I did.

Kylie: That was like the joke there.

PJ: Yeah. Why?

Megan: And we did all the same things.

PJ: Yes.

Kylie: I would like to tell PJ he says too much.



PJ: Oh, my gosh. But anyways, on a more serious note, how was it meeting everybody?

Megan: It was hard.

Kylie: Yeah, it was for sure. Just we talked to so many people, like over the phone, email with the giveaways and stuff and really be able to put like a face to names and just have that like, in person connection, not just, you know, through email and stuff. It was awesome.

PJ: Yeah

Megan: yeah. People we've known forever. And we finally get to actually meet them in person. It was really cool.

Kylie: It was.

PJ: Yeah.

Kylie: It's fun.

PJ: Well, Lily, how was it for you? All of a sudden, here you are. You find yourself down there at the show with the camera? I mean, what was that like?

Lily: It was awesome. Being part of like, a new community. And all the people I interacted with, I felt like they knew the community more than me. So I was like, had that little bit of respect, you know, have that respect for them. So yeah, it was cool.

PJ: Yeah. Very cool. So James Randolph says, 'Short legs?' You know, the funny part about that, James. You know, I wasn't going to bring it up but I will now. You know, there's two common things people told me this last weekend. Meeting them in person. Number one was that I'm skinnier in real life. And number two, I'm I am taller than they thought they were that I was.

Kylie: It's better than the opposite.

PJ: Yeah. So I mean, what I really heard was on the internet, I'm short and fat. I mean, that's just what I heard. That's good. That is good. So if we were to go around for a minute or two here, what was the favorite thing out of the entire weekend?

Kylie: I think my favorite thing was just we put a lot into like the little things we did. We had some Scratchers, you know, some other cool things that we did. And just seeing it come through, like seeing it all together, and then having people enjoy it as much as they thought they would. As well as just, you know, meeting everybody and go on the connect with the people we know, the new people. It's just a cool experience. It was awesome.

Megan: Yeah, definitely we did. We had so much planned for it. And a lot of we weren't sure how it was going to turn out and it was just so great. It was so much fun. We had the Vin Diesel there.

Kylie: Yeah.

Megan: Everybody loves taking pictures. I like that a lot. It was just kind of a fun thing. And of course, it kind of an inside joke if you've been around.

Kylie: Yeah, for the community.

Megan: It has served a purpose and then it worked out really well. And then I really liked our scratchers.

Kylie: Yeah.

Megan: That turned out. That was just so much fun. And then on the theme of ALOA or have a theme of Vegas.

Kylie: Gambling kinda.

Megan: Definitely. Yeah, it was. That was a lot of fun.

Kylie: Yeah. It was.

Lily: Yeah, my favorite part was, yeah, just being in a new place with a new group of people. Meeting a whole new community, I learned a lot. And it was just a really good experience. Like, you know, I only worked for this company for a month. So. Yeah, it's cool. Yeah.

Megan: All the way down for that. Yeah. That's so cool.

PJ: Absolutely, yeah. I mean, I would say mine, you know, like, I always love going there, and being able to chat with people. Knew for the first time and see familiar faces. But what I loved most was that the people who we were interacting with and they were coming by, like, everybody. All of us together are trying to move forward, right? We're trying to learn new skills; we're trying to make connections in a way that is beneficial for all. And I really think I don't know about the three of you, but like, I really felt like there was like a mutual connection with so many people about the fact that like, 'Hey, we all love this industry. And we're all happy that we get to kind of do this together, whether it's we connect through YouTube videos, on social media, or just from over the phones for orders, and all that kind of stuff.' But I really felt like we were all kind of in tune.

Megan: Yeah, totally agree.

PJ: And that's the best part. And what I also loved most is so many times in our like, supplier or customer type relationship, the whole thing was like, based on deal and price, and not as much based on just life. Right. And we had so many great conversations about where we're at what we're doing and what's going on. And I just absolutely love it.

Megan: For sure.

PJ: You know. Absolutely loved it. So that was my favorite part. And then it was great. I see. Hey, Chad. Adrian, how's it going? It was great connecting with you guys. You know, it was nice to get to hang out with Chad for a little bit.

Kylie: That was really cool.

PJ: And Adrian there at the end. Yeah, it was just a lot of fun. Yeah, Mr. Ken Nixon. I think I saw him on him.

Kylie: He bought a hot dog for us.

PJ: Yes, tell him that.

Kylie: So I mean, I know that you're like right there at the end of it, but he had a hot dog.

Megan: He opened this bag and I looked in and there was nothing in there except a hot dog in a zip lock bag. There was no way he brought a hotdog. And then sure enough, it was a real hot dog. He pulled it out of the bag and everything and handed it into the Lock father.

PJ: Yeah.

Megan: He was still hungry for hot dogs. After that.

PJ: Yes, yeah, Mr. Doug Kimber. How's it going? Yeah, it was great. Like I said, it was, you know, I would say one of our biggest mistakes was not organizing some sort of a meetup.

Megan: Oh sure.

Kylie: For all of you.

PJ: Yes. We have got to do it. That way we can hang out and yeah, I mean, how fun is it? Like, here we are in the comments, and even in the lives, we're all chatting with each other. How fun would it be to do that in real life together? It would be a lot of fun.

Megan: Definitely together anyway.

Kylie: Yeah.

PJ: Would be a lot of fun. So now, let's talk about the stickers here. Right. So we showed you guys last week the stickers and we said if there was some left that we would be giving some away so people are commenting on your designs. Chad says Louis sticker pack rocked. And so I'm reading some of the comments that are pretty funny. Pretty funny. But, yeah, I get distracted easily. So yeah, so here towards the end, we're going to be giving away 10 sticker packs, and I'll tell you how you can win those here. Just It's a little bit later. But yeah, I guess in closing about the show, I think it was a it was a great time. Right? It's definitely that the city of Vegas does not sleep. Right?

Kylie: We even had fun just amongst ourselves, you know.

PJ: Yep.

Kylie: We were able to get out there as a team and just feel that hang out too.

PJ: Probably

Kylie: Fun time outside the show as well.

PJ: I would say probably the best part was that we were in the Uber. And we were just going from one part of the strip to the other.

Kylie: Trying to get to the Bellagio.

PJ: Turning into Bellagio and traffic was bad. Right?

Kylie: I mean, why were we in there? Like we went, it wasn't even a mile.

PJ: It wasn't even a mile and I think it was over an hour. Yeah. And towards the end.

Kylie: It just got silly.

PJ: Yeah, it got silly. It was a good way to put it.

Kylie: Our driver honking and yelling. PJ's mouth started

PJ: Sort of doing a little comedy skit.

Megan: Yeah, highlight to the trip.

PJ: Yeah, it was fun. But yeah. And then of course, I'll try the next week or two. Everybody, I'll get the Lock father on. We'll be talking about some other stuff but I know he had a great time as well.

Kylie: Oh, yeah. Taking Pete along iss always fun in itself.

PJ: Yes. Very, very true. So with that being said, We'll be here in a few minutes, we're going to announce this week's five hashtag lock boss winners. We're also going to tell you how you can win one of the 10 free sticker packs. And we'll go over one other cool thing here, which is our brand new hat. Should we say the name of it?

Kylie: Lishi on Earth.

PJ: Lishi on Earth.

Megan: Lockboss Lishi on Earth.

PJ: Yeah. So you can see that? Yes.

Kylie: It's a cool design.

PJ: Can't seem to get it straight on the camera. There we go. So you can see there it's essentially a Lishi pick kind of like a peace symbol.

Kylie: Yeah, it's kind of a -

PJ: - kind of a fun thing. This is a different type of hat. Now it was important for you to do a different type of hat. How do you refer to this type of hat?

Kylie: I mean, we didn't. It's kind of like a cross between a baseball hat. It's not like truck. I don't what would you say?

Lily:Kind of like dad hat vibes?

Kylie: Yeah, but baseball kind

Megan: In a sense, it's more comfortable.

Kylie: It's not as structured.

Megan: It's not normally structured and we wanted to change it up. I think we'll probably be doing some more.

PJ: What we found was a lot of people or I should say a lot but we definitely had requests for a non-mesh back hat. Right. And the snap. I didn't realize that there's people that are very not into the snaps on the back, which I have kind of a big head.

Kylie: So you like the snaps?

PJ: Well, I don't like the snaps because like they -

Kylie: - Oh, it does the V.

PJ: Yeah.

Kylie: This is just like telling everyone.

PJ: Yeah, it's just awkward. It's just awkward.

Kylie: Yeah.

PJ: That's funny. AZSkyKing says, 'I'm still waiting for the PJ face t-shirt.'

Kylie: There's a few of you out there that are.

Megan: You've got to talk to him into it.

PJ: Oh.

Kylie: It's him; not us.

PJ: Oh.

Kylie: We would have already had it, guys.

PJ: Oh, man.

Kylie: In the future we'll do like a flash sale or something fun.

PJ: Yes, here. People are asking for a closer up view. So let me come around here.

Kylie: There you go. Yeah.

PJ: There we go.

Kylie: Yeah, that's a better look.

PJ: You can see that there’s an embroidered logo on it. So pretty cool. Pretty cool.

Megan: That's part of our new monthly special for the month of August. You'll get yours for free. Didn't come to the show? You can still get yours for free with any order over $333. So make sure to add that to your cart.

PJ: Yep, absolutely. I mean, I just love the fact we always give people an option to get the stuff for free with their normal supply orders.

Those are the highlights for last week. Thank you and we’ll see you next time!

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