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ALOA 2022 Locksmith Trade Show

PJ: Alright, so we are here in Las Vegas at the 2022 convention. You know, I'm looking forward to meeting everybody, hanging out, and even seeing new faces.


 Eric Osterberg

Eric: My name is Eric; I'm from Minneapolis. I've been in access control of fire life safety since the 90’s. Cybersecurity more recently, and now the newest thing is back in the auto locksmithing. The satisfaction of getting something done and cybersecurity takes people a long time to see progress. I can fix a car in an hour and it's a great feeling to rescue and otherwise, you know, total vehicle.

PJ: So you’ll just grab a chip and do your coding into it -

Eric: I see a pattern here. Let's do a couple of tweaks. Let's try this out. It works.

PJ: Yeah, that's cool to hear.

Eric: My next experiment is going to be renewing remotes. Get all these remotes that lock. Give me a brand new one, drop the class and we’ll write it to a new one. And we’re in business with the old remote. Send me your remotes.

PJ: A lot of times, with a lot of customers, we communicate a lot maybe on the YouTube channel or just over the phone or through emails and it's nice. It's almost like the annual once-a-year get to see someone face to face so I enjoy that. And I also love seeing all of our vendors. It's also a time that we get to talk and kind of go over things and it's just a fun time.

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Deviant Ollam

Deviant: Hi, I'm Deviant Ollam. I'm just a guy on the internet, who likes to talk about locks and a lot of other stuff. And it's nice to see kind of anybody in the Lock world embracing YouTube. So yeah, thanks for being here. Thanks for supporting the show and the community and sharing knowledge. I've just seen PJ doing like product stuff for a while but you branched out, it's been nice to see moving not just into hardware showcasing and like 'buy my stuff,' which is what everyone on YouTube has turned into, and just sharing the knowledge which we need more of. So I like that.

PJ: It's been going amazing. The amount of Lockboss community members that I've been able to meet is great. Now, what I love most though is that one thing we talk a lot about is people in the lockboss community are nice, and they're kind and they're willing to help. And I tell you what, every single lockboss member I've met today is just as if not even kinder in person, and for me, that has been by far the best part about today.

 Locksmith - Robby Foster

Robby:  Hi, I'm Robby Foster, I worked in Upper Marlboro, Maryland for Maryann's Locksmiths. I've been familiar with CLK since before I became a locksmith, so for a couple of years now because I've been a locksmith for 14 months. Oh, it's great - there's a great education, there's great vendors, the food's pretty good. So yeah, everything about the show has been more or less positive. Yeah, not just CLK is great. I've learned a lot from your videos, and I hope to see awesome new videos in the future and see you guys at more events.

 Doug Kimber - Locksmith

Doug:  Any of these communities, I think pretty good.

Interviewer:  So how long have you been in customer with us?

Doug:  Three years.

Interviewer: Do you watch our YouTube lives?

Doug: I think I've only missed two.

Interviewer:  So you're a dedicated premium remember?

Doug:  Yeah

Interviewer: That's awesome. T-shirts free.

Doug:  Yes, I've one enough to prove it.

Interviewer: Is that a collection? That's awesome

 The CLK Supplies Team

Well, I tell you what, this year's ALOA Vegas show has been amazing. Would you all agree? It was so much fun meeting so many of you who stopped by and hung out. Getting to put faces to the names is always a good time. Always a good time so once again, thank you all for stopping by and hanging out of course, we will see you all next year.

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