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Pinning and Re-Keying Kits Pinning and Re-Keying Kits

We offer one of the largest selections of pinning and rekeying kits on the market. From Kwikset Kits, Schalge Kits, to Universal kits we have them all! If you are unsure what pinning kit will be the right one for you, checkout our blogs written by our staff here.

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  Abus/American/Master Padlocks Re-keying kit Abus/American/Master Padlocks Re-keying kit  $110.00 Buy Now
 American Lock, Master Padlock Re-Keying, Pin kit with Tools American Lock, Master Padlock Re-Keying, Pin kit with Tools  $56.95 
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  Arrow re-keying kit Arrow re-keying kit  $82.00 Buy Now
  Best "IC" A-2 Re-keying kit Best "IC" A-2 Re-keying kit  $110.00 Buy Now
  CCL/Olympus locks Re-keying kit CCL/Olympus locks Re-keying kit  $82.00 Buy Now
  Combo Deal: Kwikset and Schlage Re-Keying, Pin kits with Tools Combo Deal: Kwikset and Schlage Re-Keying, Pin kits with Tools  $79.99 Buy Now
  Kwikset re-keying kit Kwikset re-keying kit  $82.00 Buy Now
 Kwikset Re-Keying, Pin kit with Tools Kwikset Re-Keying, Pin kit with Tools  $56.95 
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  LAB Smart Wedge Universal Kit .003 LAB Smart Wedge Universal Kit .003  $205.85 Buy Now
  LAB SUPER WEDGE Universal Kit .003 w/pins LAB SUPER WEDGE Universal Kit .003 w/pins  $210.00 Buy Now
  Mini DUR-X for 3 in 1 Universal Mini DUR-X for 3 in 1 Universal  $53.95 Buy Now
  Mini DUR-X for Ace Mini DUR-X for Ace  $53.95 Buy Now
  Mini DUR-X for ICore (A2) Mini DUR-X for ICore (A2)  $53.95 Buy Now
  Olympus/National Cabinet Re-keying kit Olympus/National Cabinet Re-keying kit  $82.00 Buy Now
 Pro Universal .003 pinning kit Pro Universal .003 pinning kit  $178.00 
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 Pro Universal .003 pinning kit with a Free Book! Pro Universal .003 pinning kit with a Free Book!  $178.00 
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  Sargent Re-keying kit Sargent Re-keying kit  $81.66 Buy Now
  Schlage / Kwikset Combo re-keying kit Schlage / Kwikset Combo re-keying kit  $115.00 Buy Now
  Schlage Pinning, Re-Keying Kit Schlage Pinning, Re-Keying Kit  $82.00 Buy Now
 Schlage Re-keying, Pin Kit with Tools Schlage Re-keying, Pin Kit with Tools  $56.95 
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As a former full-time locksmith, now doing re-keying, lock opening, etc. as part of my handyman serv ...

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